Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Game Review, Fable 2 Xbox360

Fable 2 is an awesome game that has good graphics, genius storyline. The only main problem is that there is no chat system. You have to use expressions while everyone else can talk. The progression of the story depends on a lot of things, there is a good or evil system. If you kill, harass, steal, or commit vandalism, then your appearance will start to make you have horns and evil eyes . If you do good things like help people, and be respectful, (yes I know it’s harder to be good) then your appearance will be pure and you will get a halo around your head. The game is awesome and there are lots of things to do to change your path of righteousness. The new Platinum hits has come out including two DLC’s, Nothole Island and See The Future. I myself have the normal game and have beaten it many times and still can’t stop playing it because even after the main storyline there are so many new quests to do. I give this game a 8/10!! GET OUT THERE HERO, (or VILLAIN!!!)

LivingBloodLust-Senior Editor


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