Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Friday, March 12, 2010

Game Review - Prototype XBOX 360

Prototype is a game with really only a main storyline, how should I put this?

Weaponry in Prototype is mostly your body and you can throw cars, and what not. The storyline is about the main character finding out about how and why he can change his body into a weapon.The storyline is short, the only other things to do is run around and wreak havoc. From time to time the game gets repetitive. It was fun the first time beating it but then it got a little stale and boring.
He can take over another person's body and use the special ability, but what's cool about has been done before.

So through the drastic journey the game isn't really all that special, but worth a rental- 6.5/10.

LivingBloodLust-Senior Editor


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