Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

About Generation Zee

Hello Game lovers!  This is Generation Zee, the new generation of Gamers. This sort of site will take through the ranks and show you how great a game is, was or should have been. The game system focused on in this site will be Xbox 360. If you are not interested in this sort of stuff, please avert your eyes and go do more stuff suitable to your likings.

Meet The Team:

Gamer-tag-(fallout3309); Senior Editor/reviewer/: The other creator for Generation Zee, and a proud owner of an Xbox 360. With life in Florida, video games are a must with the intense summers, and long tropical winters.....not really. With lots to do outside and on the Xbox, I spend a lot of time with my dog Addie (an Australian word for happiness) , an Australian Cattle dog, commonly known for Mad Max's side kick in The Road Warrior. I hope you enjoy the site....and go outside!!!

Gamer-tag-(LivingBloodLust);Senior Editor/reviewer/: He is the other mind bender for the site and we are glad to have him on the team. He is mostly in charge of reviewing the games. Is ready for a match on live to either whoop or get whooped.

If you are interested in joining our team of top notch people, email us at subject line "GenZJob" and write a why you want to join. We hope to meet you soon!

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