Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Borderlands 2- " The Gunzerker"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Progression through the Battlefield!

Progression has always been a big winner in multiplayer games such as the Battlefield series or Call of Duty series. Battlefield 2 introduced this system, while COD improved it. Battlefield Bad Company 2 didn't have any revolutionary ideas for progression and many players found it a hard and grueling task to continue leveling up after the level 22 mark. Designers Valerian Noghin and Fredrik Thylander talked in a Battleblog entry saying that, "more than 10 times the hardware unlocks spreads over weapons, weapon attachments, gadgets, and a huge unlock tree for vehicles alone." Players will earn badges, ribbons, and service stars (service stars will continue to unlock even after hitting the level 50 mark). The blog continued, "Anytime your killcard is displayed, everyone will see exactly how experienced you are with your current equipment," continued, " The ultimate bragging right would be for a player to achieve the rank of  Colonel with 100 service stars attached, and to have 100 stars in all weapons, kits, and vehicles. Getting there will be a massive task-consider that a challenge!"


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